Short essay on value of games and sports in life

Short Essay on The, value of Games and Sports at School

short essay on value of games and sports in life

309 words short essay on the Importance of Sports and Games

Marks comments are empirically valid because these up-armored vehicles (typically ford 550 chassis or similar classes from competitors) are frequently used to move fiat currencies to and from distribution centers to branch banks and atms. . For example, the Armored Group currently lists many used armor transportation cars for sale. . And a quick search on fuelly gives you an idea of how much fuel the average F550 consumes in the city (9 mpg). . This also ignores the supply chain needed to build the vehicles in the first place which is an entire logistical segment that cryptocurrencies do not need. . Nor does it include the carbon consumption of the driver and guards ferried around in the vehicles (e.g., eating, sleeping, shelter, etc.). . One can only imagine the sheer number of vehicles in developing countries where digital fiat are not nearly as common and thus paper/metal is transported more frequently. Again, this is not to say that cryptocurrencies are mana from heaven, that they wont be replaced or will somehow axiomatically usher in a world of milk and honey. .

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It could be that some exchanges on the global stage act as a market maker (similar to the nyse which employs specialists pdf explanation who always make sure that there is a reasonable bid and ask available and who take short term positions in order. This same friend who has both mined and then built proprietary hft arb software on btce is reasonably sure that btce runs their own arbitrage bots with zero fees but sometimes turns them off (or they have certain limits, he is not sure). . Again, arbitrage is not bad per se and basically makes sure that you can execute your orders at a fair price all time. . Of course it sawyer would be better if the exchanges are more forthcoming about what they do behind the scenes but as long as there are no regulations they can do whatever they want and earn some extra money. . Yet again, no one is forced to use a particular exchange so people can easily vote with their feet or open their own (transparent) exchange. Notes in the margin, one last comment I received is from Mark deweaver (author. Animal Spirits with Chinese Characteristics and gwons Foreword ) is that, It occurred to me that the argument about bitcoin having a big carbon footprint is really poorly thought out. . Is the footprint really bigger than that of paper currency, which has to be transported from countless businesses to banks safe deposit boxes at the end of each day. . And think of all the gas people must burn on trips to atms! This is in response to my explanation of Charles Stross contention that cryptocurrencies are more of a burden on the environment than fiat currencies are (they are not). .

Imaginary capital Markets has a few more details and screenshots, but let me just emphasize once more that this is not a complete workaround (yet) but just a way for btcc users to exchange cny with one another. . my speculation: if the ceo role as sole depositor is still active, perhaps this could be a way for him/her to distribute funds to friends family who can then exchange the fund to the wider customer base. . If this is the case, perhaps other exchanges will follow suit (assuming that the ceo can still deposit funds into the exchange through their personal account, see the explanation here for more). Update: taobao has a new rule (. Chinese ) that will ban the buying and selling of crypto coins. . Thus it will purportedly impact vouchers such as those being offered by loyalty btcchina. Also regarding the ceo bank accounts I discussed the past two weeks, Eric Meng, an American attorney friend of mine currently in China explained to me that the use of personal bank accounts to do business is a huge red flag in general. . It does not mean that anything is being done illegally, but its something that investigators watch out for. Bots again, regarding the purported fudged numbers on Chinese exchanges (discussed here another friend (in Europe) recently wrote to me explaining that someone could easily write a bot and test the liquidity to see whether it is real or not. .

short essay on value of games and sports in life

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Thus, while speculative, after reading the article the impression readers are left with is that the pboc will crack down on cryptocurrencies on the mainland for the foreseeable future. Cat-and-mouse, there have been discussions over the past weeks as to resume how mainland exchanges could bypass the current hurdles. . One idea mother was to create yet another type of virtual token that could then be exchanged on exchanges. Over the past couple of hours on reddit, users have posted a new method that btcchina is using to get around the current depository predicament the mainland industry is currently in (e.g., all payment processors are barred from providing fiat liquidity to crypto exchanges). . However, the small stop-gap solution is for btcchina customers internally (this is not the same thing as the online vouchers like btce has). . btcc code is to allow one customer with cny on the site to sell the cny to another customer. . The medium is the btcc code which is in two parts: one is for the customer the other is for the site.

In fact, he says that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will never become a countrys major currency and as a consequence, will not be a real currency. . And that it could only become so in the utopian view of technocrats and libertarians ( ). . Yes, he uses the Chinese word for idyllic libertarian . From a technical viewpoint, he states all cryptocurrencies do not have a unique origin, nor are its token generation, exchange and storage methods particularly special. . Any currency that has Bitcoins features could replace it such as Litecoin, which the public has become familiar with. . And continuing, he states that Bitcoin does not have any physical attributes found in gold and silver nor exclusivity enforced by the law so it will be really easy to replace. . Therefore it cannot replace the role of general currency which is the medium of trading. Thus his overall attitude (and that of the pboc) is that the central government does not recognize any specific values of the token; that it is illegal to use (though he does not specifically say who or what timeframe) and it doesnt justify its own. Again, while we can argue over the epistemological, economic and technical problems with this essay (e.g., why do economies grow, deflation versus inflation pdf, the economics of Bitcoin pdf, what utility cryptocurrencies have, how the protocol works, etc.) all of which have been discussed elsewhere.

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short essay on value of games and sports in life

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Toni morrison, nora Ephron, and dozens More Offer Advice in Free creative writing Master Class. Flannery oconnor: Friends Dont Let Friends read Ayn Rand (1960). Flannery oconnor reads Some Aspects of the Grotesque in southern Fiction (c. Flannery oconnors Satirical Cartoons:, josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham,. Follow him at kobe @jdmagness. Several updates to this ongoing cryptocurrency story in China and elsewhere (each subheading below is a slightly different topic). Yesterday bill Bishop linked to a story posted at Sina, written by Sheng Songcheng. .

Sheng is the head official of investigation and statistics at the pboc (the central bank). Bishops quick comment of the article was that, no reason the belief there will be any positive news from prc regulators about bitcoin, or that somehow the recent crackdown was good, as some of the bitcoin bulls have been trying to spin. Too long; didnt read, in addition to bishops nutshell, another tl;dr comment that I would add is this, because. Sheng works for the pboc, his essay pretty much encapsulates what that important organ of the government thinks. Based on his essay, they list do not recognize bitcoins legality (although there is no clear indicator that they see a difference between protocol and token) and according to his own words, without government oversight or backing by any country, the token itself has no value. . Sheng uses the example of the recent 60 price drop of the bitcoin token on btcchina last month as proof that without government approval, it has little value (a correlation-causation fallacy ). . Furthermore, he thinks that if there is a developing country (such as China) that does begin using it, the deflationary aspect (the fixed money / token supply) would actually present an obstacle and hinder the countrys economy to grow. .

Concluding a lengthy discussion on the very limited role of the teacher of creative writing, she concludes that the teachers work is largely negative a matter of saying This doesnt work because or This does work because. Remarking on the common observation that universities stifle writers, o'connor writes, "my opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them. There's many a best-seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher." Creative writing teachers may nod their heads in agreement, and shake them in frustration. But we should return to that phrase worthless to the spirit, for while mfa programs may turn out competent writers of fiction, o'connor admits, they cannot produce fine writing: In the last twenty years the colleges have been emphasizing creative writing to such an extent. In fact, so many people can now write competent stories that the short story as a medium is in danger of dying of competence. We want competence, but competence by itself is deadly.

What is needed is the vision to go with it, and you do not get this from a writing class. Oconnor probably overestimates the degree to which "any idiot" can learn to write with competence, but her point is clear. She wrote these words in the mid-fifties, in an essay titled The nature and Aim of Fiction. Harbachs new essay collection demonstrates, the debate about the value of mfa programs—which have expanded exponentially since oconnors day—has not by any means been settled. And while there are certainly those writers, she notes wryly, who can learn to write badly enough and make a great deal of money, the true artist may be in the same position after the mfa as they were before it, compelled to chop. Via, everything That Rises, related Content: William. Burroughs teaches a free course on Creative reading and Writing (1979).

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Nevertheless, her insights on the mfa are not particularly sanguine. On the one hand, she writes with characteristic dark humor, writing fruit programs can serve as alternatives to the poor house and the mad house." In graduate school, the writer is encouraged or at least tolerated in his odd ways. An mfa program may offer some small respite from the loneliness and hardship of the writing life, and ultimately provide a credential to be pronounced upon by his future employers should they chance to be of the academy. But the time and effort (not to mention the expense, unless one is fully funded) may not be worth the cost, oconnor suggests. Her own program at Iowa was "designed to cover the writers technical needs, and to provide him with a literary atmosphere which he would not be able to find elsewhere. The writer can expect very little else. Later, in her collection of essays. Mystery and Manners, oconnor expressed similar sentiments.

short essay on value of games and sports in life

He shared with me this graph which looks at film to game translations based around their original ratings. For a closer look at some homework of the data, check out his website which includes an English language summary of his research as well as more extensive writings in French. Blanchet should be congratulated and thanked for the hard work which went into this project. It's a real gift to our field. Flannery oconnor once wrote, because fine writing rarely pays, fine writers usually end up teaching, and the mfa degree, however worthless to the spirit, can be expected to add something to the flesh. That phrase worthless to the spirit contains a great deal of the negative attitude oconnor expressed toward the institutionalization of creative writing in mfa programs like the one she helped make famous at the. The verbiage comes from an essay she wrote for the alumni magazine of the georgia college for Women after completing her degree in 1947,"d in the Chad Harbach-edited collection of essays. Although fresh from the program, oconnor was already on her way to literary success, having published her first story, the geranium, the year previous and begun work on her first novel, wise Blood.

into games and of the top 20 money earners during this period, 95 percent were made into games: the holdouts were. Titanic and, the dark Knight. And a, dark Knight game is finally on the way. Franchises which extended across more than one film were especially strongly represented in his sample (and of course are also strongly represented in the list of top money earners during this period.) Of the 469 movie-based games, 231 of them were based on a franchise. The most likely genres to make the transition from screen to games are: Action (236 Adventure (222 comedy (169) and Thriller (152). Those genres least likely to be made into games include documentary (2 western (9 war (11 and Musical (23). It's worth noting that these also represent genres which are less likely to be made into films in the first place and that there are few non-film based games on the market in these genres. Blanchet, a loyal follower of this blog, wanted to give aca-fan readers some exclusive content.

But for some platforms, they represented a much larger percentage of the total product. They were 22 percent of the titles produced for the nintendo game boy advance (2001-2006 20 percent of the nintendo wii (2006-2007) and 27 percent of the nintendo game boy color (1999-2003). He ascribes the centrality of tie-in games to handheld technologies to their greater targeting at younger consumers. As this graph suggests, there has been a dramatic shift over time from resumes games released only after the film has been successfully released towards simultaneous release. It is now taken for granted within a range of genres that there may be a market for the game even if the film itself does not do well. This situation is especially ripe for transmedia storytelling, since it lends itself well to a co-creation rather than licensing model, allowing for the game and the film to be developed side by side and for their release to be coordinated more fully than would have. Not surprisingly, hollywood dominates the movie tie-in space representing 73 percent of the total, yet there are also european (8 percent) and Asian (4) movie tie-in games.

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I received correspondence recently from a french games scholar, Alexis Blanchet, sharing some really fascinating data that has emerged from his research into the flow of intellectual property between the games and film industries. Since i am finding this data useful in teaching my transmedia class, i wanted to pass it along to others who are interested in understanding the convergence of these two key sectors of the entertainment industry. First, a little background on proposal Blanchet. According to his blog: "I'm teaching and doing research in film studies in Paris (Universitã paris ouest Nanterre la dãfense). Formerly associated with the French National Library, member of the Observatoire des Mondes NumÃriques en Sciences Humaines (Omnsh i'm currently studying the cultural, economical and technical synergies between cinema and the video game.". Blanchet has identified 469 games based around film properties released between 19His research encompassed more than 40 different platforms, but did not include mobile phones, which he notes results in some undercounting of games based on Bollywood films which tend to appear primarily on cell. He also excluded browser based games, which he felt tended to be more oriented towards branding than entertainment experiences. For most of the platforms, movie-connected games represented roughly 10 percent of their total output.

short essay on value of games and sports in life
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  7. Cheap essay services write about yourself essay online casino. The blood began to build up with topics to write a college essay on is something, no matter where you. As Harbachs new essay collection demonstrates, the debate about the value of, mFA programs—which have expanded exponentially since oconnors day—has not by any means been settled. Sheng works for the pboc, his essay pretty much encapsulates what that important organ of the government thinks.

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