A worn path summary and analysis

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a worn path summary and analysis

A, worn, path summary and, analysis

The attendant gives Phoenix the medicine and marks it as a charity case. She also gives Phoenix a nickel as a christmas 'gift'. Phoenix thanks them, rises, and begins to leave. Her last line explains why she collects the two nickels; she wants to buy her grandson a pinwheel for Christmas. She then turns and begins descending the steps for her journey back home. The Characters, phoenix Jackson, the story depicts the old woman's undying love for her grandson, and the fact that she will do anything to protect him. Her name is symbolic of the real phoenix bird, which also flies great distances to heal people with its tears.

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Stopping a woman coming towards her, arms laden with gifts, Phoenix asks bags whether the the kind lady would tie her shoe laces for her, since she is too old to do it herself. Phoenix continues walking on, until she finally reaches a big building. Entering it, she climbs the towering staircase, reaching the doctor's office. Since she cannot read, she needs to rely on her memory. Once there, she seems to go into a trance. When the attendant asks her why she has come, she doesn't seem to hear, and continues staring at the wall. The nurse enters and explains to the attendant, who the old lady is and why she is here. She then asks Phoenix to take a seat and inquires about her grandson. Phoenix does not respond until the nurse asks whether her grandson is dead; that's when she suddenly comes back to the present. She tells the nurse that he is not dead, he will recover, and that she will keep coming for his medicine as long as he needs.

They exchange brief words, and he thinks she is going into town to see santa Claus. He keeps calling her 'granny'. When she sees a nickel fall out of the hunter's pocket, she diverts his attention and picks it up, believing that God is watching her steal. She finally reaches Natchez. She can see the steeple, the cabins, the children running around, people bustling about. The town is alive with the spirit of Christmas. She waits briefly on the sidewalk.

a worn path summary and analysis

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She begins walking again and approaches a barbed wire fence. She crawls through it carefully, so as not to get injured. Then she comes across a field, where she has an encounter with a scarecrow, who she first mistakes for a ghost. On finding out its true identity, she happily does a little dance with it! She is nearly attacked by a dog down the road, and in an attempt to hit him with her cane, she falls backward into a ditch. There again, she sees someone reach out to her, but when she extends her hand, there's nothing. Soon, a hunter comes along and pulls her out.

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a worn path summary and analysis

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She is going to natchez to bring back medicine for her grandson, who is suffering for years because of swallowing lye. She maintains a monologue with herself the entire way, and also talks to the nature. For instance, she makes her weariness about wild homework animals evident when she says, "Out of my way, all you foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits, coons and wild animals! Keep out from under these feet, little bob-whites. Keep the big wild hogs out of my path." She goes up a steep hill through a forest of pine trees, and then down again through oaks.

Along the way, her dress gets caught in a thorn bush, and she has to struggle to free herself. By this time, she realizes that afternoon has already arrived. walking on, she soon encounters a creek with log laid across. She crosses it with her eyes closed, glad that she relies more on her feet than her failing eyesight to guide her. On crossing safely, she says, "I wasn't as old as I thought." However, she sits down to rest. When she is resting, a little boy approaches her with a piece of cake, but when she reaches for it, there's no one there, a sign that she is perhaps hallucinating.

An allegorical story that depicts differential treatment, and a love that knows no boundaries, it is truly touching. The main character of the story is Phoenix Jackson, an elderly woman who makes a very perilous journey to the city of Natchez, encountering many dangers along the way. However, she is not deterred and makes it to her destination. The story is made enjoyable by the light humor that the author maintains in the form of a monologue the old woman keeps up with herself. The story has been written in first person, with the author only narrating the incidents that happen on that day.

It is otherwise left to the reader to interpret Phoenix's character. The writer does not provide any information about the kind of person Phoenix is, except for her physical appearance. We are left wondering about the reason for her journey right till the end, and that makes it all the more moving. The following paragraphs provide a summary and brief analysis of the story, and also a character analysis of the various people that we come across. Plot, summary, phoenix Jackson is a very old African-American woman who is making a journey to natchez, through a perilous road. The title of the story seems to have been taken from the fact that she has made this journey numerous times, and the path is now worn to her.

Literary analysis a worn path eudora welty

She quickly responds that she would like a nickel. Then it becomes clear that she has a specific need for ten cents. She announces that she will buy her grandson a pinwheel and reflects, he going to find it hard to believe there such a thing in the world. Ill march myself back where he waiting, holding it straight up in this hand. Very real Inspiration, before writing 'The, worn. Path eudora welty was a publicity agent for Works Progress Administration in the '30s. During that time, she captured many moments of the rural life of black Americans on her camera. Phoenix Jackson's story is very similar to the women she came across at party the time. Is a book set in 1940s' America, where black Americans were still treated differently from white Americans.

a worn path summary and analysis

He assumes that her long and difficult walk is frivolous in intent, that she is going to town to see santa Claus. The contrast between their perceptions and the readers judgments tends to magnify the difficulty and the goodness of Phoenix, emphasizing especially her true courage in contrast to his foolish bravado. In Natchez, she must find her way by memory, because she cannot read, to the right starting building and the right office in the building in order to get the medicine. There she encounters the impatience of clinic personnel who are acutely conscious that she is a charity case. Having found the right place, she momentarily forgets why she has come. Her effort and concentration have been so great in making the journey that she has lost sight of its end. When she has the medicine, one worker offers her some pennies for Christmas.

rescued by a young hunter. Though he helps her, he is also somewhat threatening. He is hunting quail, birds with whom she has spoken on her walk. When the hunter accidentally drops a nickel, she spots it quickly. She artfully diverts his attention by getting him to chase off the strange dog, so she can retrieve this nickel. Her behavior contrasts ironically with the hunters. She feels guilty about taking the nickel, thinking of a bird that flies by as a sign that God is watching her. Meanwhile the hunter blusters and boasts of his skill and power.

Thorn bushes and barbed-wire fences, log bridges and hills are words major barriers for her. The cornfield she must cross from her initial path to a wagon road is a maze, haunted to her nearsightedness by a ghost that turns out to be a scarecrow. She must also struggle against her tendency to slip into a dream and forget her task, as when she stops for a rest and dreams of a boy offering her a piece of cake. Her perception of these obstacles emphasizes her intense physical, mental, and moral effort to complete this journey. Despite the difficulty of her trip, she clearly enjoys her adventure. She talks happily to the landscape, warning the small animals to stay safely out of her way and showing patience with the thorn bush, which behaves naturally in catching her dress. She speaks good-humoredly of the dangers of the barbed wire. Her encounter with the ghost ends in a short, merry dance with the scarecrow, a celebration that she has not yet met death.

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Phoenix Jackson makes her biannual visit to natchez, walking for half a day in December to reach the medical clinic at which she receives, as charity, soothing medicine for her grandson. Having swallowed lye, he has suffered without healing for several years. Phoenix has made the journey enough times that her path to natchez seems a worn path. Furthermore, part of that is the old Natchez trace, a road worn deep into the mississippi landscape by centuries of travelers returning northeast after boating down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Phoenix is the oldest person she knows, though she does not know exactly how old she is, only that she was too old to go to school at the end of the civil War and therefore never learned to read. Mainly because of her age, the simple walk from her remote home into natchez is a difficult enough journey to take on epic proportions. She fears delays caused by wild animals getting in her way: foxes, owls, bill beetles, jack rabbits, and raccoons. She comfortably reflects that snakes and alligators hibernate in December.

a worn path summary and analysis
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