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So, this was the ultimate list of sites with the help of which you can easily sell your art online. Check out each of them and tell us below which one would you personally prefer. Can't find what you're looking for? Post a request for a service that you need. CategoriesBeta testers    it networking    Mobile apps    Other Beta testers    Software saas    Web dev    WordpressBusiness reviews    book reviews    Local Listing reviews    Other reviews    Product reviews    Service reviews    Social reviewsDigital Marketing    Email Marketing   . Expected delivery1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 days8 days9 days10 days11 days12 days13 days14 days15 days16 days17 days18 days19 days20 days21 days22 days23 days24 days25 days26 days27 days28 days29 days30 days. Suggest, the request was submitted successfully, view More.

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Selling uncountable works of results art from thousands of artists, scattered in every part of the globe, artsy makes the idea to sell your essay art online perfectly possible. Featuring 350,000 images, including historical, modern as well as contemporary genres, Artsy ensures that any good piece of art gets its deserved price. Artist Rising -Offering both free as well as premium account, Artist Rising is an online platform that brings forth thousands of artists under its head. With more than 70,000 registered artists, offering over 400,000 artwork, art Rising includes multiple genres like architecture, beach, fashion and places, thereby letting almost every kind of artist to make some real online business. Art Fire, if you are an artist who excels in crafts and other kinds of handicraft items, Art Fire has to be your destination. From handmade jewelry to shoe bags, anything thats homemade can be easily sold in Art Fire. Setting the most reasonable rates, you can also ensure a bigger global online market that deals with more than just one kind of art. ArtPlode, if you want to know how to sell your art online with no commission lagging behind, Artplode should be your thing. Under Artplode galleries, you can easily find multiple dealers, collectors and artists listing their multiple pieces of art. From Russian art to pop art and from surrealism to digital, ArtPlode lets you sell your art online with prices ranging from 50 to even a whopping 4000.

From folk art primitives to textile art, ebay includes almost every possible genre to ensure a thriving art online business. ArtPal, being completely free along with no membership fees, ArtPal is yet another hit-point that you definitely must check short out if you are looking for ways to sell your art online. It is a fast growing gallery that encourages buying and selling of art pieces. You can receive around 95 to 100 of your sale price. You can even sell your originals and can also use their Print on Demand service which is absolutely free of cost. Must read: Get paid for your Image creativity with Shutterstock. Artsy, artsy is a massive online gallery that seeks to make art reachable to almost anyone.

sell your writing online

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Having resources to different sites and social media websites, each of these artists not only has charted a career out of what they love, but has actually been quite successful in making some big bucks. If you too are an artist and want to make money with your forte, check out below how to sell art online and make big money out. Amazon, being currently the largest directory with respect to online stores, Amazon has also turned itself into one of the most popular and the largest retailers. By creating a massive platform, Amazon has made it a lot easier for literally anyone, to make money out of selling anything. In this large e-commerce site, to sell your art, and to ensure maximum bid, apart from putting your works online, you need to stay connected with the other present artists in your respective industry. Amazon is also available in most of the countries; which makes your art visible and open for sale on a global platform. Ebay, next to Amazon is ebay, yet another huge online platform that can help you to sell your art online. Being the largest auction site, ebay has a separate art section wherein you can sell your art absolutely easily.

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sell your writing online

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The course includes: 8 modules of videos, downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets, pitch sales copy recipe sheets, presentations and more; Unlimited access for 2 years all downloads yours to keep; A free, private facebook group, including scheduled exclusive q as with me where i review and. Ive sold nearly a million books ive published 16 novels and non-fiction books internationally, which have been translated into over 20 languages. Ive also worked in magazines, newspapers, tv and radio. Ive developed countless new programme ideas and formats for the bbc and even written their in-house feminist guide to ideas and pitching and taught writers, publishers and even Chinese tv companies to do the same. I love the ideas process and I want you do feel the same. Now Im going to share the skills you need to understand whats irresistible and unique about your work and how to sell it to other people.

Or if you want to see some of the materials from the course, sign up now to get my free 4-page Cheat Sheet giving you prompts to produce hundreds of brilliant title ideas. To create a work of art, you need talent, but to make money out of art, you might just need a smooth internet connection. Lots of people are earning from. Natasha wescoat is a young artist who produces colourful and powerful pieces of work. Along with that, she is also a tech-savvy young lady. She is one of those rare artists who jumps online regularly, only to make more than 50,000, only by selling her art online. Like natasha, paper there are millions of artists who make a decent amount only by selling their artworks online.

Have you written an amazing novel or non-fiction book, but are being rejected by agents and publishers who never even ask for the chance to read your work? Or maybe youve decided to go indie and publish your book yourself but readers either arent buying your book, or youre attracting the wrong ones who go on to leave unfair reviews? Or perhaps youre right at the start of a books: gripped by an exciting new idea but unsure where to go now? Pitch sell your book will change all that. In seven steps, youll learn how to attract an audience and overcome rejection by identifying what is unique and irresistible about your work. Itll help you to  hone your story or concept without losing the excitement.

And its suitable whether youre starting your first book or an experienced writer. This course equips you with the skills to make writing pitches, cover copy and treatments easy and rewarding. . Whats more, it also frees you up at the very start of your creative process, as you tap into what your reader really wants and how you can give it to them. I call this emsight emotional insight and it can be a game-changer. Ill take you through 7 steps in a series of videos, presentations, cheat sheets and exercises. The techniques come from tv, journalism, social media, publishing and business. Enrol in the course starting April 2018 at the special early bird rate. After the course, youll have: A deep, clear understanding of your work and what stands out about your writing and how to attract your readers and industry professionals; A brilliant and enticing title, pitch and book description; A compelling bio; A brilliant pitch letter for. Compelling sales copy to convert browsers to readers; An ideas builder to help you visualise and plan your next book.

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So thats lab it for settings. One final point, is to make sure you set your Facebook status posts to show for Friends only, as shown below: Andthats it! A final thing to bear in mind is keeping up with Facebook in the news. If you see an update which shows the privacy settings have been changed, you should review your settings. I hope this tutorial has been helpful if youd like further free tips and Social Media updates follow my page on Facebook subscribe to my blog by clicking here). Pitch sell your book online course. Pitch and Sell your book: 7 steps to discover what makes your work unique how make it irresistible to agents, publishers and readers. Ive sold over a million books i can teach you how.

sell your writing online

But one of the settings Id definitely look at is Public search: i keep this unchecked, but you may want people to find your profile inside the search engines, in which case youd check the box. And finally, to ensure old posts in your timeline are kept private, click limit the audience for Past Posts. This allows you to keep your historic activity on Facebook private: Once you click edit, youll find 2 choices: Either Limit Old Posts or Cancel. But this is personal preference. I went with Limit old posts so only friends can see them. If homework you choose the same youll be presented with the following question: If you click confirm youll see the below screen confirming this action is now complete: Finally in Privacy settings is Blocked people and Apps. This is where you can block specific people using their names or email addresses. You can also block Apps and Invites. Again this is down to the individual so i wont share my settings, but leave it to you to decide whats best.

settings sign-in to facebook and click the dropdown as shown below: Next, click custom: I chose the options shown below (leaving Friends of those tagged unchecked save changes and then click on How you connect: From the list, i selected the. I prefer to let anyone send a friend request or message me so i can meet new people. And If needs be, you can always block people on Facebook at a later stage. After youve clicked Done, you will return to how you connect. Now click on Timeline and Tagging: From here, i chose the options revealed below. Some might consider these pretty strict, but this is my personal choice for keeping privacy on Facebook: After youve made your choices clicked Done, the next option to edit is Ads, Apps and Websites: This allows you to control or limit the information that Apps. Again, this is strictly personal and you may not be using Apps, so theres no hard and fast rule here and you should choose whatever works for you.

As you can see from the list of categories shown below available on m, many are things people wouldnt want made public. Here are the available categories on the website, which anyone (including employers) can see: Who wants to get fired? Whos got a new phone number? So thats status updates where people badmouth their bosses, show how much theyve had to drink or which drugs theyve taken. And share their new phone numbers with complete strangers. Now Im sure you dont need essay me to tell you how important it is you lockdown your Facebook profile keep your updates limited to friends and family, rather than making them public. How to make your Facebook profile private in a few easy-steps! Ok, so now weve established public personal Facebook posts arent always a good thing, heres how to keep them private in a few simple steps.

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Are you on Facebook? If so youre in good company with (at the time of writing) 500 million daily active users. And while facebook is a fantastic tool for networking, marketing and having fun, theres a hidden downside some people miss. Privacy, ok, just for the record that Facebook screenshot is from my personal page and Im not really drunk and my boss isnt a dull, tedious moron with the personality of a wood shaving. Which seeings as Im my own boss, is a good thing. I created the screenshot to illustrate a point to you. And a website called m illustrates the point even further. M reveals people whose facebook profiles arent set to private and whose posts are public, so anyone can see their updates. Warning if you visit the site, you will find some of these updates can be explicit in nature.

sell your writing online
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Get a full year of weekly assignments; become a web writing pro with Sell your Writing Online now. How to sell your Term Paper Online. Disclaimer: is a web-based custom writing agency that helps students write assignments: research.

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