Grey and rose gold wallpaper

Rose, gold, wallpaper, rose, gold, geometric sheets ebay

grey and rose gold wallpaper

Rose, gold, wallpaper, rose, gold

Blossom is 21" wide with.373" self-matching vertical repeat. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll "The Blue bird" is a cheery pattern of birds and fruiting vines forming a protective arbor of hearts. This cfa voysey design is 21" wide with a self-matching 31 1/2" repeat. A single 6 yard roll is approximately 30 square feet. Rolls are shipped on multi roll bolts and are untrimmed. Please contact for pricing. C, the Bramley is a spectacular pattern of sinuous iris and sedate water lily seductively colored in shades of Prussian blue. It is drawn in the Art nouveau style however it is believed to be from the boston area.

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"Bird and Rose" is 21" wide with a self- matching.667 vertical repeat. This pattern is one of voysey's seductively soft and appealing designs. Highly stylized tulips, tulip leaves and birds create a peaceful rhythm of ornament that offers a great sense the of repose. "Bird and Tulip" is an easy choice for bedroom or sitting room but will be equally happy in any room where a light and somewhat subdued effect is desired. This is a digitally produced design 21" wide with.4" vertical repeat. It is a self-matching pattern and may be used alone or with its original Tulip Frieze design. Kate faulkner for Morris and. A somewhat atypical Morris and. Pattern, Blossom is a dense branching floral design. In shades of grey greens, browns, pinks, yellow and creams on a pale blue green ground. Appropriate for bedrooms and other rooms where a gentle overall floral pattern is desired.

Bright green holly leaves and berries, on soft brown stems, supporting a flock of feeding fowl. Time for cocoa and a good book in front of the book fire while the snow flurries in the woods. "Bird holly" is 21" wide with.907" vertical repeat. This soft and lovely pattern from 1897 is perfect for a bedroom or an intimate sitting area. The subtle variations in the green tones beautifully set off the peach coloring of the rose, while the solitary bird keeps vigil amid the bramble. Voysey believed in the quiet beauty of regularly repeating patterns, and this simple, undulating design is a perfect example of that. This pattern was originally intended for furnishing fabric but works equally well as wallpaper.

grey and rose gold wallpaper

Wallpaper -12629-, grey rose

Imagine yourself in a brake of bramble roses great in the English countryside with the rustling and cooing of doves in the thicket. That was voysey's likely inspiration for this 1901 design. This very elegant pattern in muted grayed tones of teal, green, brown, red and dark purple can be combined with either painted or natural woodwork to create a dramatic yet peaceful interior appropriate to almost any room. Voysey has incorporated his signature heart motif in this design and has actually managed two interwoven hearts formed by the recurving of the brambles. This pattern was originally produced as a textile and used for curtains and upholstery. "Bird and Bramble" is 21" wide with a self matching.35" vertical repeat in paper document scale. Cfa voysey c 1897, this bright and cheery pattern, while admittedly somewhat seasonal in concept, will nonetheless lighten you rustic retreat or mountain chalet.

"Bat and Poppy" is an extraordinary elegant half drop design in shades of brown, grey, mauve, pink, green and ochre that evokes a fin de siecle maturity approaching the cusp of decline. "Bat and Poppy" is appropriate to wheresoever you, the aesthetically sophisticated, choose to install. "Bat and Poppy" is 21" wide with half drop.75. Cfa voysey c 1893 or earlier. A gentle pattern in harmonious shades of yellow, green, salmon, cream and blue. The observer may be pleased to find voysey's signature heart motif outlined by the salmon colored berries. "Bird and Berries" is 21" wide with a with.093 vertical repeat.

Apex geometric, wallpaper, rose, gold, fine decor FD41993This beautiful

grey and rose gold wallpaper

Angles gold and lead grey metallic wallpaper by Erica wakerly

Here the ways "slips" are arranged in a pleasing repeating pattern resulting in our wallpaper. "Apothecary's Garden" is 21" wide with.123" vertical repeat.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll. 1896, the aylmer is a light and refreshing pattern composed of scrolling acanthus leaves, against a background of small leaves and berries, all showcasing with a large white blossom highlighted in blue and pale yellow. This design is available in both in its original scale of two blossoms per width across as well as a slightly reduced scale of three flowers across. The aylmer is appropriate for any room where a light and airy effect is desired.

The aylmer is 21 wide with.483 vertical repeat for the reduced version and.723 for the original document scale. 30 square feet to the single roll. 1872, a high aesthetic movement in the japanesque homework taste, "Bamboo" was very popular through the last quarter of the nineteenth century. It was installed in a hartford, ct house in the 1870's but could be equally appropriate for a modern home of the 1960's or 1970's. Shown in the original colorway of greens, reds, and yellow. "Bamboo" is 21" wide with a 21-25" self match vertical repeat. 1897, this exotic pattern of bats and poppies does rather suggest the realms of altered if not enhanced states of consciousness.

Our Driftwood Wallpapers Bring the summer a bit Closer. Lovely woodgrain Wallcoverings with a beachy warm feel. All News Page updated 17th Jul 2018, 09:11  2018 Direct Wallpaper Retail Ltd. Page updated17th Jul 2018, 09:11 Designed and maintained by Brick technology Ltd. Cfa voysey c 1930, this pattern drawn quite late in voysey's career and during very hard financial times still speaks to the designer's view of a better world through the eyes of a child.

This paper is a compilation of Tenniel's original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, and Through the looking Glass colored and arranged by voysey into a landscape for the child in all of us 21 inches wide with.78 vertical repeat.00/ square foot,. There are always fairies at the bottom of voysey's garden and obviously angels, too. This pattern is our first digitally produced design and is 21" wide. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll. 1926, this pattern drawn in the later years of voysey's career still evokes the freshness and perennial childlike enthusiasm of his early work. The design is composed like an assemblage of needlework "slips" copied from a seventeenth century herbal.

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Great for covering Troublesome walls. No match and a little colour to distract The resumes eye. Retro Trippy wallpaper - get The Psychedelic look! Retro Trippy wallpaper in 4 Modern Colours. Get the 60's Vibe with a contemporary Twist! Life's a beach (Hut)! Close the door teresa on the cold. Get a great beach Hut look to your room.

grey and rose gold wallpaper

Has Spring Finally Sprung? Spring Birdsong has Spring Actually finally Sprung? Graham brown laos Birds Wallpaper. Lovely for a fresh look. Glitter Detail and Paste The wall so easy to hang. Fabulous for getting that Spring Clean feeling! Do the bumps look big in This? Clearly not if you the use erismann Batihouse Ultra textured Wallpaper. Can be painted At a later Date.

free, subsequent samples have a nominal charge of 25p each. Why not check out our new mill length sample service! Latest news a rose by any Other Name "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" Arthouse rose wall Mural Style wallpaper. An Easy way to put Romantic Roses into your Home. It's Time to Grasp The nettle Or Thistle! Spike-free scottish - chic Decor. Fab for a feature wall.

Super Fresco willamena Sprig Black. Super Fresco willamena Sprig Silver. Super Fresco willamena Sprig Gold. Super Fresco willamena Sprig Duck Egg.99 All Just in Direct Wallpapers Retail Ltd is a wallcoverings Business with over 30 years experience in Retail diy. We stock a wide range of wallpapers and decorating sundries. We specialise in Contemporary friendship wallcoverings and Designer Wallpaper Stock reductions. We have over 2000 patterns in stock, ready for immediate despatch. We deliver the wallpaper direct to you.

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Direct Wallpaper / Wallpaper boutique, browse by colour, browse by brands. Featured 13343-10, p s deluxe pale gold Glitter Damask., p s deluxe pale gold Glitter Damask., p s deluxe red Gold Glitter Damask., p s deluxe Blue gold Glitter Damask., p s deluxe copper Glitter Damask., p s deluxe White from Glitter. P s deluxe Black Glitter., p s deluxe Grey glitter.99, all featured 268, super Fresco geometric White, kelly hoppen geo panel White, kelly hoppen Square panel White, super Fresco summer White. Super Fresco Chrysanthemum White, julien Macdonald Glitterati White Ice, super Fresco Small Squares White, super Fresco subway white 19784, all Special offers 102852. Super Fresco helen Glitter Stripe gold.99 102851, super Fresco helen Glitter Stripe silver. Super Fresco helen Glitter Stripe duck Egg. Super Fresco helen Glitter Stripe Black.

grey and rose gold wallpaper
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  1. All Decorland products are measured in millimeters. Wallpaper - 10 high wall - beige toile with a hint of green on off-white background with dark olive/bright gold elaborately detailed borders and wainscot. A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family rosaceae, or the flower it ere are over three hundred species and thousands of cultivars.

  2. a rose by any other name would smell as sweet Arthouse. Rose, wall Mural Style wallpaper. An Easy way to put Romantic Roses into your Home. Simply enter the amount you want converted and we ll do the rest.

  3. Surreal 3 dimensional scrolls with a grey and white leafy fern back. SecondHand, rose is your source for Vintage wallpaper Patterns, Original Vintage wallpaper, Original Antique wallpaper and Victorian Antique wallpaper. Buy i love wallpaper by zara Shimmer Metallic Wallpaper Soft Pink, rose gold (ILW980111) from our Wallpaper range - pink, rose gold, flat Surface wallpaper, Shimmer Metallic Wallpaper, retro, geometric, Exclusive, zara, paste The paper - @ i love wallpaper stock a wide range. Wallpaper page where you will find arts and crafts wallpaper designs.

  4. 1940 s Modernist wallpaper by walcrest. This is as chic as it gets! Stylized pattern in greys and maroons.

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