Metathesis review

The Organometallic HyperTextbook: Olefin Metathesis

metathesis review

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Abstract (102) Iridium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of n-heterocyclic Compounds under Mild Conditions by an Outer Sphere pathway dobereiner,. E.; nova,.; Schley,. D.; hazari,.; Miller,. J.; Eisenstein,.; Crabtree,. Abstract (101) Vibrational Characterization of Simple peptides Using Cryogenic Infrared Photodissociation of H2-Tagged, mass-Selected Ions Kamrath,. Z.; Garand,.; Jordan,. B.; Van Stipdonk,. Abstract (100) Ortho-Acidic Aromatic Thiols as Efficient Catalysts of Intramolecular Morita-baylis-Hillman and rauhut-Currier reactions Selig.

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Abstract (109) Polymer-supported Enantioselective bifunctional Catalysts for Nitro-michael Addition of Ketones and Aldehydes Tuchman-Shukron,.; Miller,. Abstract 2011 (108) Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Each Enantiomer of Orthogonally-Protected 4,4-Difluoroglutamic Acid a candidate monomer for Chiral Brønsted-Acid Peptide-based Catalysts li,.; Miller,. Abstract (107) divergent reactivity in Amine- and Phosphine-catalyzed c-c bond Forming reactions of Allenoates with 2,2,2-Trifluoroacetophenones saunders,. Acs catalysis 2011,. Abstract (106) quasi-biomimetic Ring Contraction Catalyzed by a cysteine-based Nucleophile: Total Synthesis of Sch-642305, some Analogs and their Putative lklivingston anti-hiv activities Dermenci,.; Selig,. Abstract (105) Chemoselective and Enantioselective oxidation of Indoles Employing Aspartyl Peptide catalysts Kolundzic,.; Noshi,. N.; Tjandra,.; movassaghi,.; Miller,. Abstract (104) a one-bead-One-catalyst Approach to Aspartic Acid-Based Oxidation Catalyst Discovery lichtor,. Abstract (103) Synthesis of Atropisomerically defined, highly substituted biaryl Scaffolds through Catalytic Enantioselective bromination and Regioselective cross-coupling Gustafson,. L.; Lim,.; Barrett,.

Abstract (115) Catalytic Site-selective thiocarbonylations and deoxygenations of Vancomycin reveal Hydroxyl-Dependent Conformational Effects Fowler,. Abstract (114) Correlating Sterics in Catalysis Miller,. Abstract (113) Site-selective bromination of Vancomycin Pathak,. Abstract (112) An Approach to the site-selective deoxygenation of Hydroxyl Groups Based on Catalytic Phosphoramidite Transfer Jordan,. Abstract (111) a peptide-Embedded Trifluoromethyl Ketone fruit catalyst for Enantioselective epoxidation Romney,. Abstract (110) Determination of Non-covalent Docking by ir spectroscopy of Cold Gas-Phase complexes garand,.; Kamrath,. Science 2012, 335, 694-698.

metathesis review

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Abstract (123) Asymmetric Catalysis at a distance: Catalytic, site-selective phosphorylation of teicoplanin Han,.; Miller,. Abstract (122) a β-boronopeptide bundle of Known Structure as a vehicle for Polyol Recognition Melicher,. S.; Chu,.; Walker,. Abstract (121) An Efficient Chemical Synthesis of Carboxylate-Isostere Analogs of Daptomycin Yoganathan,.; Yin,.; he,.; Mesleh,.; gu,. Abstract (120) Chemical tailoring of teicoplanin with Site-selective reactions Pathak,. Abstract (119) The roles of counterion and Water in a stereoselective cysteine-catalyzed rauhut-Currier reactions: a challenge for Computational Chemistry Osuna,.; book Dermenci,.; Miller,. Abstract (118) Enantioselective synthesis of Atropisomeric Benzamides through Peptide-catalyzed Bromination Barrett,. Abstract (117) n-methylimidazole-catalyzed Synthesis of Carbamates from Hydroxamic Acids via the lossen rearrangement Yoganathan,.; Miller,. Abstract 2012 (116) Combinatorial evolution of Site- and Enantioselective catalysts for Polyene Epoxidation Lichtor,.

Abstract (128) diastereo- and Enantioselective addition of Anilide-functionalized Allenoates to n-acyl Imines Catalyzed by a pyridylalanine-based Peptide Mbofana,. Abstract (127) Peptide-catalyzed Conversion of Racemic Oxazol-5(4H)-ones into Enantiomerically Enriched α-amino Acid Derivatives Metrano,. Abstract (126) a fully synthetic and biochemically validated Phosphatidyl Inositol-3-Phosphate hapten via asymmetric Synthesis and Native chemical Ligation Chandler,. L.; Foley,.; Cullis,.; Driscoll,.; roy damore,.; Miller,. Abstract 2013 (125) Chiral Copper(II) Complex-Catalyzed reactions of Partially Protected Carbohydrates Allen,. Abstract (124) Combined Lewis Acid and BrØnstead Acid-Mediated reactivity of Glycosyl Trichloroacetimidate donors gould,. C.; Schepartz,.; Miller,.

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metathesis review

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Abstract (137) Regioselective derivatizations of summary a tribrominated Atropisomeric Benzamide Scaffold Barrett,. Abstract (136) Multivalency as a key factor for High Activity of Selective supported Organocatalysts for the baylis-Hillman reaction Goren,.; Karabline,.; Shiloni,.; Barak,.; Miller,. Abstract 2014 (135) Catalyst Control over Regio- and Enantioselectivity in baeyer-Villiger Oxidations of Functionalized Ketones Romney,. Abstract (134) Phosphine-catalyzed Annulation reactions of 2-Butynoate and a-keto Esters: Synthesis of Cyclopentene derivatives Mbofana,. Acs catalysis 2014,. Abstract (133) X-ray crystal Structure of teicoplanin A2-2 bound to a catalytic Peptide sequence via the carrier Protein Strategy han,.; le,.

Abstract (132) Function-Oriented Investigations of a peptide-based Catalyst that Mediates Enantioselective allylic Alcohol Epoxidation Abascal,. Abstract (131) Total Synthesis and Isolation of Citrinalin and Cyclopiamine congeners Mercado-marin,. V.; Garcia-reynaga,.; Romminger,.; Pimenta,. Nature, 2014, 509, 318-324. Abstract (130) Spontaneous Transfer of Chirality in an Atropisomerically Enriched Two-Axis System Barrett,. Nature 2014, 509, 71-75. Abstract (129) Experimental Lineage and Functional Analysis of a remotely directed Peptide Epoxidation Catalyst Lichtor,.

Abstract (145) Dual Genetic Encoding of Acetyl-lysine and Non-deacetylatable Thioacetyl-lysine mediated by Flexizyme xiong,.; reynolds,. M.; Fan,.; Englert,.; hoyer,.; Miller,. Abstract (144) review: Site-selective reactions with Peptide-based Catalysts giuliano,. Abstract 2015 (143) Enantioselective synthesis of 3-Arylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones via peptide-catalyzed Atroposelective bromination diener,. J.; Kusano,.; Miller,.

Abstract (142) Improved Carbohydrate recognition in Water with an Electrostatically Enhanced β-peptide bundle melicher,. S.; Shen,.; Miller,. Abstract (141) Phosphothreonine as a catalytic Residue in Peptide-mediated Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenations of 8-Aminoquinolines Shugrue,. Abstract (140) a synergistic Combinatorial and Chiroptical Study of Peptide catalysts for Asymmetric baeyerVilliger Oxidation giuliano,. W.; Lin,.-Y.; Romney,. Abstract (139) Perspective: Climbing Jacobs Ladder Protein Design Enables the Stabilization of a transient Molecular State romney,. Science 2015, 347, 829. Abstract (138) Structure diversification of Vancomycin through Peptide-catalyzed, site-selective lipidation: a catalysis-Based Approach to combat Glycopeptide-resistant Pathogens Yoganathan,.; Miller,.

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A.; resumes Jewel,.;. Abstract (150) Distal Stereocontrol Using guanidinylated Peptides as Multifunctional Ligands: Desymmetrization of diarylmethanes via Ullman Cross-coupling Kim,.; Chinn,. Abstract (149) Structural Studies of β-turn-Containing Peptide catalysts for Atroposelective quinazolinone party Bromination Metrano,. Abstract (148) Aqueous Glycosylation of Unprotected Sucrose Employing Glycosyl Fluorides in the Presence of Calcium Ion and Trimethylamine pelletier,.; Zwicker,.; Allen,. L.; Schepartz,.; Miller,. Abstract (147) a stepwise dechlorination/Cross-coupling Strategy to diversify the vancomycin In-Chloride wadzinski,. Abstract (146) From Substituent Effects to Applications: Enhancing the Optical response of a four-Component Assembly for Reporting ee values Lin,.-Y.; giuliano,.

metathesis review

Abstract (156) Editorial : Issue 1 Miller,. Abstract 2016 (155) Aspartyl Oxidation Catalysts that dial In Functional Group Selectivity, along with Regio- and Stereoselectivity Alford,. Acs central Science 2016, 2, 733-739. Abstract (154) Solution Structures and Molecular Associations of a peptide-based Catalyst for the Stereoselective baeyer-Villiger Oxidation Abascal,. Abstract (153) review: Bifunctional Catalysis with Lewis Base containing x-h sites that Facilitate Proton Transfer or Hydrogen Bonding letters Mbofana,. in: Lewis Base catalysis in Organic Synthesis, 2016, vedejs,.; Denmark,. Wiley-vch verlag Gmbh. Abstract (152) Synthesis and evaluation of Phenylalanine-derived Trifluoromethyl Ketones for Peptide-based Oxidation Catalysis featherston,. Abstract (151) Induces Cytotoxicity in Human mcf-7 Breast Cancer Cells via a mechanism that Involves Downregulation of the d-type cyclin-Retinoblastoma pathway gradziel,.

of Natural Products Shugrue,. Abstract (159) Pursuit of Noncovalent Interactions for Strategic Site-selective catalysis Toste,. Abstract (158) a bottom Up Approach Towards Artificial Oxygenases by combining Iron coordination Complexes and Peptides Cussó,.; giuliano,. W.; Ribas,.; Miller,. Abstract (157) diversity of Secondary Structure in Catalytic Peptides with Beta-turn-biased Sequences Metrano,.

Abstract (168) divergent Stereoselectivity in Phosphothreonine (pThr)-Catalyzed Reductive aminations of 3-Amidocyclohexanones. M.; Lin,.; Miller,. Abstract (167) Disulfide-Bridged Peptides that Mediate Enantioselective cycloadditions through Thiyl Radical Catalysis. Abstract (166) Parameterization and Analysis of Peptide-based Catalysts for the Atroposelective bromination literature of 3-Arylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones. Abstract 2017 (165) Enantioselective intermolecular co bond Formation in the desymmetrization of diarylmethines Employing a guanidinylated Peptide-based Catalyst. J.; Kim,.; Kwon,.; Miller,. Abstract (164) Desymmetrization of diarylmethylamido bis(phenols) through Peptide-catalyzed Bromination: Enantiodivergence as a consequence of a 2 amu Alteration at an Achiral Residue within the catalyst Hurtley,. Abstract (163) Site- and Stereoselective chemical Editing of Thiostrepton by Rh-Catalyzed Conjugate Arylation: New Analogs and Collateral Enantioselective synthesis of Amino Acids key,. Abstract (162) Stereodynamic quinone-hydroquinone molecules that Enantiomerize at sp3-Carbon via redox-Interconversion Kim,.; Storch,.

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Main, total Synthesis of Peloruside A through Kinetic Lactonization and Relay ring-Closing Metathesis Cyclization reactions. The file will be sent to selected email address. It may takes up to 1-5 minutes writing before you received. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. Please note you've to add our email to approved e-mail addresses. 2018 (170) divergent Control of point and Axial Stereogenicity: Catalytic Enantioselective cn bondForming CrossCoupling and CatalystControlled Atroposelective cyclodehydration. Kwon,.; Chinn,.; Kim,.; Miller,. Abstract (169) Rapid Phenolic, o -glycosylation of Small Molecules and Complex Unprotected Peptides in Aqueous Solvent. J.; Steinaur,.; hie,.; Pelletier,.; Schepartz,.; Miller,.

metathesis review
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Thermodynamic issues the use of (e. centred on metathesis, a reaction in which catalysts create and break double carbon bonds of organic molecules in a way that causes.

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  1. Schrock, of the nobel Prize for. a ligand metathesis strategy utilizing the periodic near-identity of molybdenum and tungsten when incorporated into analogous compounds. This review describes the stereochemical relevance and problems in alkene metathesis (kinetic.

  2. 2011, retrieved from Process Economics Program. Yves Chauvin: yves Chauvin, French chemist who was corecipient, with Robert. Grubbs and Richard.

  3. By allylic hydroxy groups, suggests that allyl chalcogens generally play an important role in modulating the rate of olefin metathesis. Progress in metathesis chemistry ii is a thematic Issue edited by karol Grela in the Open Access beilstein journal of Organic Chemistry. It surveys a wide variety of catalyzed polymerization reactions, making it essentially a one stop review in the field. for another review, this time i will present to you a short summary of a reaction which catched my eye in the Bryostatin 1 synthesis.

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