Literary analysis paper

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literary analysis paper

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"It was a three-dimensional nightmare version of some of his own drawings. He felt a frightening sense of kinship with it" (100). Consider the ways this talent is connected to teribithia and to leslie's view of the world. "he kept the knowledge of it buried inside himself like a pirate treasure" (12). "Judy came down and read out loud to them, mostly poetry and some of it in Italian which, of course, jess couldn't understand, but he buried his head in the rich sound of the words and let himself be wrapped warmly around in the feel. It was as though he had been made with a great piece missing-one of may belle's puzzles with this huge gap where somebody's eye and cheek and jaw should have been" (93). "Everybody gets scared sometimes, may belle.

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Higgins, the life Great, mrs. Frisby and the rats of nimh. Nothing but the Truth, one True thing, out of the dust. Outsiders, the, parrot in the oven, phantom Tollbooth, the. Planet of Junior essay Brown, roll of Thunder, hear my cry. Red Badge of courage, the, sees Behind Trees Slave dancer Scarlet Letter, the The secret Garden seedfolks True confessions of Charlotte doyle, the to kill a mockingbird Tuck everlasting Under the feet of Jesus view from Saturday what Jamie saw Where the red Fern Grows. How do they illustrate a thematic concern in the book. Trace the polarities inherent in each of the following as they occur throughout the story. Are the statements in any way ironic? "Ever since he'd been in first grade he'd been that crazy little kid that draws all the time (4) This statement is connected to a developing idea of his artistic ability.

Alice in Wonderland, belle Prater's boy, book of Three, the. Briar Rose, bridge to teribithia, catcher in the rye, charlotte's Web. Chasing Redbird, child of the Ow l, the circui t, cousins, deathwatch, diary of Anne Frank. Fade, giver, The, holes, in Summer Light and The tempest. I am the Cheese, indian in the cupboard, island of the Blue dolphins. It Happened to nancy, jumping report the nail, killing. The left Hand of Darkness, little Prince, The, lord of the Flies.

literary analysis paper

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The liddell Riddle about the missing pages in Dodgsons diary and his break with the liddell family What/who influenced Carroll while writing the story Illustrations poetry Drugs Politics The truth about Alice how Alice in Wonderland can be seen as a political satire about the. The social and political, religious and philosophical, economic, science and technological, and many other themes and contexts in the Alice books. Also read about Carrolls relations to victorian art and his use of fantasy. Questions on books studied in ya and Children's Literature Classes. Study questions for books Previously taught in young Adult Literature and in Children's Literature. These books can be used for elementary, middle school, and secondary school-aged pupils. A hero ain't Nothin' but a sandwich.

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literary analysis paper

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Said Alice, in a hurry to change the paper resume subject. Ten hours the first day, said the mock turtle: nine the next, and. What a curious plan! Thats the reason theyre called lessons, the Gryphon remarked: because they lessen from day to day. Interpretive essays, below you can find several articles with all kinds of explanations for / interpretations of the books. . Please mind that these texts were not written.

References to the author and publication details can be found on the page itself. The articles are reproduced on my site with permission from the authors. General discussion of the Alice books. Discussion of Lewis Carroll, the author, in relation to Alice. Lewis Carroll: a myth in the making about the tendency to create a myth around the name lewis Carroll, in stead on focussing on who Charles Dodgson really was. The man Who loved Little girls should we really frown upon Dodgsons nude photographs of children?

If Id meant that, Id have said it, said Humpty dumpty. Analysis of illustrations, the same levels of analysis can be applied to the illustrations. Carroll sometimes gave Tenniel precise instructions on what to draw, which may have been not only a matter of visual preference, but also an additional way to incorporate references into the story. . Tenniel may also have added his own jokes and references to the time he lived in, in his drawings. In addition, illustrators have a certain consistent style, and are also knowingly and unknowingly influenced by their environment and memories.

Therefore tenniels drawing style, jokes and other trademarks are not necessarily specific for the Alice books, but can also be found in his other works. Origins, in this subsection of the website, ill identify several of the parodies and hidden references that can (supposedly) be found in the Alice stories. Story Origins things out of Lewis Carrolls environment that inspired him when writing the story of Alice in Wonderland. Picture Origins things that inspired John Tenniels illustrations. Poem Origins poems that were parodied by carroll in his story. Literary elements, on the following pages you can find texts about literary elements in the Alice books, which may come in handy when you have to write a school paper or something the like. The purpose of these pages is not to replace the joy of reading and analysing the books yourself, but they are meant to be a helpful guideline to create your own understanding of the stories. And how many hours a day did you do lessons?

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Hidden meanings, many people believe that the books also contain hidden meanings on a much deeper level, like the promotion of drug use, or an attempt to mock the political great situation. However, most of these allegations rely on speculations and interpretations. . We have no definite proof that Carroll meant anything at all with his stories, except to amuse his child friends. Carroll himself wrote the following to a friend in America, when being asked about the meaning of his poem The hunting of the Snark: Im very much afraid I didnt mean anything but nonsense. Still, you know, words mean more than we mean to express when we use them; so a whole book ought to mean a great deal more than the writer means. So, whatever good meanings are in the book, im glad to accept as the meaning of the book. (source: Collingwood, The life and Letters of Lewis Carroll). This comment is also applicable to Carrolls Alice stories.

literary analysis paper

When publishing the book, carroll left out several of these intimate jokes that other readers wouldnt understand. But many still made it into the published version. As the author had numerous interests, they also reflect in his writing. Therefore you can find scientific, mathematical, psychological, literary, artistic, political as well as philosophical references in the stories. Influences from his environment. There are also aspects out of the authors environment that he desk knowingly or unknowingly must have integrated into the story. Inspiration is a peculiar thing; many events and forgotten memories may influence. It is certainly not unthinkable that characters like the Cheshire cat or White rabbit were inspired by things Carroll read, saw, or otherwise encountered in his lifetime. However, most of the time we wont know for sure if it was a deliberate act to weave these aspects into his story, or that he was not aware of the triggers that inspired his ideas.

the Alice books, when trying to determine whats behind them:. Purposeful parodies and references, lewis Carroll actively incorporated and parodied aspects of his environment and the victorian culture in his books. An example is the parodying of the poems that children had to learn by heart in his days. The original poems behind his parodies are easy to recognize. Also, he made references to actual events and people in his stories. For example, alice and her sisters appear several times in the books, and some incidents (like getting very wet during a trip because of unexpected rain, and trying to get dry again) have found their way into the story. . By doing this, carroll made the story extra appealing to his original audience: the real Alice and her sisters. .

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literary analysis paper
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  6. EasyBib — your online writing hub All the tools to submit your paper with confidence. On the following pages you can find texts about literary elements in the Alice books, which may come in handy when you have to write a school paper or something the like).

  7. Study, questions for books Previously taught in young Adult Literature and in Children's Literature. These books can be used for elementary, middle school, and secondary school-aged pupils. The analysis of a literary work, unlike that of a chemical compound or mathematical equation, often engages the subjective interpretation of the reader. M: The complete Idiot's guide to literary Theory and Criticism (Complete Idiot's guides (Lifestyle paperback) ( steven.

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