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Aiou old Papers Solved - english 1424 (Allama Iqbal Open

aiou paper

Aiou solved Old Papers Allama Iqbal Open University

  mirza galib kab paida hoeay? A  1798  b  1805  c 1797 d  1799.   Musadas k har band main kitnay misray hotay hain? A  4  b 6 c  8  d .   allama iqbal nay qaiday azam ko jo khat likhay un ki tadad kia hay? A  10  b 15 c  20  d .   mashhoor daram shakantla kis nay likha?

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what is antonym of allure? A repulse b develop c plan entice d decoy. what is the antonym of zest? A restive b callous c indifference d distaste. chose new the correct spellings? A apilogue b apilog c apilogui d apelogue. Subhay zindgi kis ki tasneef hay? A rashad ul khairi b sar said c hakeem muhammd ali d mulana hali. allam iqbal ki shairi ka majmoa zaboray ajam kis san main shaiya hoa? A 1926 b 1927 c 1928 d 1929.

an active group lamppost is found in? A india b analysis bangladesh c iran d brazil. the worlds most tea importing country is? A chaina b russia c brazil d siri lanka. pakistan recognized people republic of china in? A 1949 b 1950 c 1951 d 1952. what is the synonym of Granish? A to harvest b decorate c select d pressure. .

aiou paper

Aiou solved assignment, free past & guess paper all codes

A 80 b resume 90 c 60 d. when Hunza became a part of pakistan? A 1970 b 1971 c 1974 d 1976. Lahore to Islamabad moterway is? A 330 km b 335 km c 345 km d 365 . indicate the number pakistan area wise in the world? A 33th b 34th c 35th d 36th.

  Mycology is the study of? A  Birds  b  Animals  c, fungus d  Bactaria. . mena is the news agency of? Egypt b  France  C  Iran  d  Netherland.   pakistan shares a border with China? A  805  km  b 585 km c  625 km  d  505. . Warsak dam is located in? A punjab  b, nwfp c Sindh  d  Baluchistan.   Blood contains water?

Aiou old Papers solved Assignments guess Papers

aiou paper

Compulsory English Part- ba/bs - aiou old Papers

A: Chess B: Golf C: resume Rugby D: Cards 31: Chess-mate is consisted of how many squares? A: 64 B: 86 C: 92 D: 74 32: dvd can store data up to? A: 600 KB B: 17 gb c: 13 GB D: none of these 33: tcp/IP stands for? A: Transmission control protocol/ internet protocol B: Transferable city Providers/ Internal Providers C: Transmission Control Proxy/ Internal Proxy D: none of these Another Paper for Preparation Related. Khyber pakhtunkhaw Public Service commission Tests Preparation. Dalasi is the currency of? A france b usa c gambia d chad.

which one is papulation day? A 11 july b 12 july c 13 july d 14 july. the first secertery genral of uno is? A Thant b, essay trygre lie c Kurat weldone d Sandome lee. which country has largest army? A usa b china c france d brazil.

Annie basant C: Sonia ghandi  D: Moti laal nehri 18: Hijrat movement was started on? A; 1920 B: 1919  C: 1918  D: 1921 19: Sir sayyad was born in the city of? A: Decca  B: Agra  C: Delhi D: Ali garh 20: What was the name of Raja dahirs wife? A: Rani kot  B: Rani bai c: Rani Indhra   D: none of these 21: Qanoon is the name of _ language? A: Sarayani  B: Arabic C: Urdu  D: Persian 22: Who was the leader of Muslims in the battle of Qadsia? A: saad bin abi waqas B: Amar bin Aas  C: Khalid Bin Waleed  D: zaid bin sabit 23: Who won the first battle of Pani-pat?

A: Babur B: Jahangir  C: Shuja ud Dola  D: Tipu sultan 24: When did Russian leader Lennon died? A: 1921  B: 1924 C: 1824  D: 1922 25; Talqeen shah ka kirdar kis ny likha tha? A: Banu qudsia  B: ghulam Abbass  C: Shokat Sadiqui  D: Ishfaq ahmed 26: teerhi lakeer kis ki likhi hoi story hy? A: Ismat chughtai b: khalil jibran  C: kirishan Chandar  D: Munshi sajjad hussain 27: Kis Punjabi poet ko punjabi ka shakespeare kehty hain? A: Waris shah B: sultan baho  C: bhully shah  D: hashim shah 28: Famous. Play un-kaahi kis ny likha tha? A: amjad islam amjad  B: umaira ahmed  C : Haseena moeen D: ubaid ullah sindhi 29: Base ball team is consisted of how many players? A: 9 B: 5  C: 7  D: 11 30: In which game the person who scores least, wins the game?

Aiou old Papers for ba, educatePK!

A: 7th August 1947 B: 14th Aug. 1947 C: 15th Aug. 1947 D: 3rdJune 1947 13: Who inaugurated islamia madrassa pishawar? A: quid e azam B: khawaja Islam ud din C: Sahabzada abdul qayum khan D: khan abdul qaym 14: When did Abdul-Salam have nobel Prize? A: 1978 B : 1979 C: 1974 D: 1977 15: Indus water basin analysis treaty was signed at Karachi on? 09, 1960 B: September 29, 1960 C: September 19, 1960 D: September18, 1960 16: Nawaz sharif was disposed on lastly? A: 14th October 1999 B: 9th October 1999 C: : 12th October 1999 17: Who started empire Home-rule moment? A: Indhra gadhi B: Mrs.

aiou paper

A: Delhi B: Kabul C: Tehran, d: Saharan 7: Darling is the name of? A: sea B: lovers nick name C: Desert D: river 8: The outflow of Indus river is? A: Indian sea B: Arabian ocean, c: Artic Ocean D: Baltic sea 9: What is synonym of Pathos? A: A character B: Huge heart C: Tender feelings. D: Sorrows 10: Smoke is fatal _ man? A: For B: to, c: With D: by 11: _ is called babul-ul-Islam? A: Sindh, b: deebal C: Ajmair D: Multan 12: When did quid-e-azam left India for good and reached at Karachi?

: none of these 2: Who invented Radio? A: Garaham Bell  B: Marconi, c: Radial Villiams  D: Einstein 3: Who wrote the importance of being Earnest? A: Oscar wilde, b: john keats    C:. Shaw  D: Thomas Hardy 4: Capital of Spain is? B: Albania  C: Pisa  D: Pannonia 5: Currency of Italy is? A: Euro, b: Italian Rupee  C: Lira  D: Italian Dollar 6: The first woman in space was? A: Lila william  B: Valentine tereshkova, c: Décor Venn  D: ilea eustachio 19: The headquarters of eco is located in?

Graduation, masters and higher classes resume results are gathered from Universities including Punjab University, allama Iqbal Open University (. Aiou karachi University, peshawer University, islamia university of Bahawalpur, sargodha University, bahauddin zakariya university, azad Jammu kashmir University, quaid-e-azam University etc. We also try to collect results from various other colleges. Keep on visiting to view your exam result 2018). Pages / questions, view / Download, aiou solved Paper English(1424) -page. Download, aiou solved Paper English(1424) -page. Subscribe email alerts: paper (Allama Iqbal Open University pk). Select semester, material home » paper » old Papers aiou, semester, semester.

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Board of Intermediate secondary Education (bise) including. Lahore board, federal board, islamabad, rawalpindi, dera gazi khan, multan, gujranwala, bahawalpur, faisalabad, sargodha, peshawar, Swat, kohat, malakand, Abbottabad, mardan, bannu, karachi, sukkur, hyderabad, Aga Khan, larkana, azad Jammu and Kashmir board muzaffarabad writing ajk, punjab board of Technical Education. Pbte, nwfp board of Technical Education. Kpbte, sindh board of Technical Education. These boards announce matric and Intermediate result 2018 for respective educational region. Punjab Education Commission pec federal Directorate of Education (. Fde ) for 8th and 5th class educational results.

aiou paper
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  2. Improved Methods of Oil seed Crops Code 328 level Intermediate, old. Paper of, aiou ; teaching of Mathematics Code 6512 MA/M.Ed. Aiou, old Papers; journalism Part-ii code 5624 ma urdu. Aiou, old Papers Spring 2013.

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