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internet nowadays essay

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Some people think that the best way to reduce the crime rate is to ban alcohol. Do you think this is an effective measure against crime? What other solutions can you suggest? Many people believe that having a fixed punishment for all crimes is more efficient. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed punishment? Some people think that the government should be responsible for crime prevention, while others believe that it is the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves.

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What do you think are the causes of this? What essay possible solutions can you suggest? It is often thought that the increase in juvenile crime can be attributed to violence in the media. Do you agree that this is the main cause of juvenile crime? What solutions can you offer to deal with this situation? In some societies, the number of crimes committed by teenagers is growing. Some people think that regardless of age, teenagers who commit major crimes should receive adult punishment. Some countries are struggling with an increase in the rate of crime. Many people think that having more police on the streets is the only way to reduce crime. Some people think that women should not be allowed to work in the police force. Many crimes are often related to the consumption of alcohol.

These questions have been written based on common issues in ielts and some have been reported by students in their test. Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put writing behind bars. To what extent do you agree? (Reported 2017, gt test). The crime rate nowadays is decreasing compared to the past due to advance technology which can prevent and solve crime. Do you agree or disagree? (Reported 2017, Academic Test). Many criminals commit further crimes as soon as they released from prison.

internet nowadays essay

The Advantages and Disadvantages of The

Some people in recent years have illegally downloaded music or other copyrighted material for free. This action has had a negative impact on the music industry and has led to several lawsuits. The addiction to online social networks can disturb a person's way of living and professional activity. Some criminals use the internet for spreading computer viruses or even intercepting credit card or bank details for spurious purposes. You can learn more about the positive and negative effects of the internet in the following websites: www., illegal downloading of music is one of the negative effects of the internet. This a picture is a graph that shows the percentage of people who illegally download music. People who do not illegally download music. Below is a collection of ielts essay questions for the topic of crime and punishment.

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internet nowadays essay

Pros and Cons Advantages and DisAdvantages

Some of these include: Internet search engines are the best information retrieval systems available. They bring any kind of information for internet users, from local restaurants to international news. The Internet provides some of the most effective means of communication among people, including thesis online emailing and instant messaging. The Internet makes possible for business and comp anies to do transactions with their clients and customers. Thanks to the internet, people can take action and avoid adverse circumstances.

For instance, hurricane, storms and accidents can be tracked through the internet. The internet has allowed the interchange of ideas and materials among scientists, university professors, and students, in addition to provide servers, resource centers and online tools for their research and scholar activities. Moreover, million of books, journals and other material are available through the internet because of the digitization of public domains material from libraries in the States and Europe. This action enables people to learn all new sort mba of things. Sometimes, the internet can have negative effects, including: Illegal or inappropriate materials can be found in the internet.

The internet needs to start using effective filters to stop this explicit material from poisoning the the minds of our future generation, and start paying more attention. In conclusion, social media plays a negative role on todays society by continuously putting users of social media in danger, limiting face to face socializing skills, and exposing our society to explicit materials. . Bad things about social media need to change. There needs to be more restrictions blocking access to inappropriate sites, and security needs to drastically tighten on this essay on social media profiles, or the future generation that will be running the world will incapable of doing the job correctly. Which effects everybody, and the generations to come. Works Cited, dewing, michael.

Ottawa, library of Parliament, 2010. The social Capital of Locative social Media. The internet is so popular nowadays that almost anyone uses. It is accessible by almost any person who tries to connect to one of its central, main networks. Moreover, it can be accessed by users of any age and condition. But what are the positives and negatives aspects of the internet? The Internet has some great positive effects.

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Lastly, social media plays a negative role on todays society by exposing them to explicit material that should not be report obtainable to todays youth. Many sites have age restrictions, but its not a challenge for young children to say they were born ten years earlier on a social media account the desire to explore the internet will drive them to this. Children still in the 3rd grade can have access to anything they desire, and most of the time will not understand what they are looking at but will always remember the basics. This leads to them asking their parents or other young friends what it means. Which leads to more unauthorized research. Most children at the age of five know what the the basics of sex are, and even more due to the ever expanding social network. When young children are on sites like omegle (a video chat site where users are connected with another random user from around the globe, which are mostly naked men) they are oblivious to the negatives of social media effects that these images are doing to them. They are also exposed to rude and vulgar words which they then pick up and use as a force of habit in their everyday life. These children unfortunately are as young as six or seven.

internet nowadays essay

Because most of the time teenagers communicate via text and Facebook instead of writing a letter or picking up the phone, they are subconsciously harming the part of the brain that allows them to have meaningful conversations face to face. It worsens for the generation that were born from 2005 on, as this means social media is all they grew up with. Even for teenagers in resume high school, social media still played a major part in their influential maturing years that the early years when social media wasnt known, dont count towards anything. For instance, studies show that 3 in 5 students are abbreviating their words to acronyms without even realizing (Jasmine fowlkes 2010). It is also seen that youth today do not have anything else to talk about other than what they saw on Facebook last night or guess who is dating who. This is a perfect example of what is happening to their socializing skills. Teens are unable to hold a decent conversation without mentioning something they saw on social media on the weekend or night before. This is going to severely damage their interviewing abilities when they want to apply for a job, or when they want to be able to stay in a relationship. It is important that people pay attention to how much they are relying on social media to communicate, and to limit themselves so they do not lose their ability to physically socialize altogether.

three reasons for teen suicide, with a further two teens saying that they had attempted suicide as a result of cyber bullying. The main problem here is that only one in ten will inform a teacher or parent of this. Social Media faces todays youth with countless dangers, it should be used carefully and decisively. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Media specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Social Media specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Social Media specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, read more: Essay about Positive and Negative effects of Social Media. Secondly, social media today is damaging the minds of our youth by suppressing their physical socializing skills.

It is accessible from surgery any computer, Phone, tablet or ipod with an internet connection. This means that it is easier for children as young as 8 or 9 to connect to a social media site. This in turn exposes them to nudity, swearing and the worst of all; pedophiles and rapists. Rheana murray of New York daily news stated that a whopping one in ten profiles online are fake (may 2013). This means that at least 10 or more of a childs friends on Facebook could be phony. The carly ryan incident in 2006 proves that the internet is a very dangerous platform for children, teenagers and even adults to be using. Unfortunately, fake profiles are not just used for using fake aliases. Even if someone has only, say 10 friends on a social media site, and know that all of these are authentic, there are still ways for hackers to access your information; such as your location, photos or even bank details. Bullying is also a huge danger to youth on the internet.

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Social media plays a socialegative impacts of social media has drastically changed since it was introduced in 1979 when Usenet systems were first conceived by tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, and even since mark zuckerberg created. Impact of social media on society sites such. Twitter, instagram, tumblr and Omegle expose todays adolescence to things they shouldnt be seeing, and it is as easy as logging. The following paragraphs will talk about the three main the negative effects paperwork of social media plays on youth today. These are; one, continuously putting users of Social Media, (and even the internet in danger, two, damaging face to face socializing skills, and three, exposing our youth to explicit materials. Negative effects of Social Media on Society. Firstly, social media poses many threats in todays society.

internet nowadays essay
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  3. Internet was not so easily accessible. The internet needs to start using effective filters to stop this explicit. And security needs to drastically tighten on this essay on social media. The internet : is it changing the way we think?

  4. The internet is so popular nowadays that almost anyone uses. It is accessible by almost any person who tries to connect to one of its central, main networks. Submit your essay for analysis.

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  6. Dec 06, 2014 hey, i'm learning English, and today i decided to write for and against essay, can somebody correct it? I want see my mistakes. Nowadays, internet takes an important part of our lifes, especially for young generation. Writing an argumentative essay could be tough.

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